Our Team

‘People-Orientation’ at its very best. At Aimsoft we are convinced about the mission-critical role played by our Team Members. The Company focuses on its 'Internal Customers' as much as it concentrates on Client Partners. Aimsoft has been built on a strong foundation of intellectual capital, camaraderie and result-orientation of its people. A short, guided tour of our development labs in India would give you an astounding view of the knowledge and belongingness that offers our Team a unique vibrance.

Our Team is a complete and strategic mix of professionals from Technology, Consulting, Business Management and Client Servicing domains. The Team has some of the most talented and spirited people within the industry. Whether it comes to innovation, deadline based delivery, quality consciousness, cutting-edge solutions or even just a cricket match, collective achievement is simply a way of life. Almost obviously, we have brilliant MBA's from leading B-Schools, engineers and technology associates from premier institutions and colleagues who are powerhouses of corporate and technology services experience.

Our software engineers provide superior results on a wide variety of platforms and programming environments. Our database systems experts create sophisticated data marts and other Internet solutions that make up the core of your web business. The creative team can conjure up magic on your Internet business screen and the client servicing associates will assist you through every stage of the project and complete it within crucial deadlines.