Why Aimsoft?

Offshore Model

The advantage of our offshore model is based on By hiring a test company to perform certain tests, which take care of some test goals and objective, based on the time formula of planning, controlling, communicating, synchronizing and documenting. Our clients will be dealing directly with the offshore team. As the project progresses ,both parties will be communicating regularly through the means of communication so as to clear any doubts that may arise in between. The basic thing before delivering the software depends on the planning of the project in which way the project will be handled. The project is well planned in advance to its commencement and the service provider’s development center team has the clear understanding as to what the client's needs are. Basically what matters is that the client should be very clear what their expectations are and should convey their expectations clearly to the service provider.

Planning and Controlling

Each process is implemented by an exact plan. Planning and the time management are done in the initial stage and are approved by the client prior to the launching of the project. The seniors of the company supervise the execution of the plans made. This helps us in being timely and avoids wastage of time.

We have all communication measures to prevent the time consuming errors so that the customer’s feedback can be acted on in the right time. Even all the interaction measures are provided to ensure the clients satisfaction and timely response to the questions and feedbacks.

Advantage of the Offshore Model

Reduced Cost:

  • Low labor cost, which will reflect in drastic reduction in the overall cost.
  • Fantabulous Results: Client gets the high Quality work.
  • No Extra Expenses:  All infrastructure used to complete the task does not matter the client.

However, before deciding to adopt the offshore delivery model the client needs to be aware about certain offshore outsourcing issues, which have to be taken care off. In addition to this, before selecting the service provider certain points need to be evaluated before deciding to go for a particular offshore vendor.